David is one of the rare coaches and educators in the fitness industry that not only has the knowledge and experience to change the lives of his clients using training as his medium, but the passion and talent to do it in a dynamic way that captivates whoever is in front of him. From the second I met David, I knew he had something special. And getting to work closely with him over the years has just further proved my inclination to the point where I’ve brought him on to serves as a master lead instructor for my Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) which is a platform that puts David’s knowledge and talent on full display for our coaches."

Dr. John Rusin


 "I consider David among the elite trainers in the field. He displays extensive knowledge of exercise science, facilitating his ability to design programs for a wide array of populations. Moreover, he understands the psychological aspects of training, which is crucial for establishing long-term relationships with clients and promoting their continued adherence to exercise. This combo is rare in the field, and thus David sets himself apart as a go-to trainer."

Dr. Brad Schoenfeld


"Whether it be as a trainer or educator, he's professional, humble, and open to new ideas and concepts. In an era where gravitas and bravado are easily transparent, David, in my opinion, is a leader and someone who leads by example (rather than ego). David is unapologetic in his ability to put other people first and to place precedent in how he can best serve THEM. 

In addition, he's just a cool human being to hang out with and isn't a pretentious, uppity asshole. He's quite the opposite in fact. I dig that that the most about him."

Tony Gentilcore