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Exercise is both a physical and mental development tool everyone should be utilizing.

Strength and conditioning programs should be safe, effective, and fun.

It is possible to become a better version of yourself but it will take some work. 


BE STRONG, so you can stand on your own two feet and complete the day without discomfort.

BE HEALTHY, so you can share experiences with friends and family at every chance.

Understand that health and wellness is a privilege rather than a task.



David is a 15 year Personal Trainer, an Advisor for Men's Health Magazine, and the Author of the 90-Day Transformation Challenge by Men's Health.


David is a CSCS through the NSCA and has his degree in Exercise Science from Rutgers University. 

Otey was 2015 Fitness Manager of the Year for Equinox and has worked with clients spanning all backgrounds including Professional Athletes, General Population, Youth Athletes, and the Older adult.


Otey consults in building Personal Training Departments for some of the top gyms in the world. With years of experience managing multi-million dollar Personal Training departments ranging from staffs of 10-70, David's perspective in business is a strong suit. Otey was 3x Equinox Fitness Manager of the year nominee and winner for his high department closing percentage, low trainer attrition, and TEAM FIRST approach to building one of the largest personal training programs in the world.

As an internationally recognized speaker, David has delivered educational talks to thousands of Personal Trainers, Owners, and Business coaches spanning a multitude of topics in Fitness and Health. These talks span from Certification courses to Continuing Education events for individual gyms and their training departments.

David is the author of the 90-Day Ab Challenge by Men's Health Magazine. In addition to his book, Otey is a recognized writer with content spreading across numerous internationally recognized platforms. An Advisor to Men's Health Magazine, Otey has written for  PPSC, Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, NSCA, Onnit, Weight Watchers and more.



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