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3 Landmine Moves for Strength and Power

The landmine is one of the most effective pieces of equipment in the gym most people don't know how to work with. While I am working in my quest to better educate people on this piece, you can use that to your advantage in building a better routine.

The exercises I am going to highlight are in the range of a more athletic base and power output.

Building strength is great but if you don't complement that with athleticism and the ability to produce that strength quickly (in the form on force) then it's tough to translate what you do in the gym to outside of the gym.

This is where programming can make big differences and subtle changes create large returns.

I always tell coaches, the devil is in the details.

Landmine Jammer

landmine jammer is a great exercise to add athleticism and power to your programming. The key function of the jammer is plantar flexion, extension of the hips, an upward drive of the weight and landmine.

Pro Tip - make sure your client stays on the balls their feet to maintain engagement through the foot and ankle complex.

Landmine Clean to Press

The Landmine Clean to Press is one of my favorite Power Moves. Transferring weight from the waist up above head is a true indicator of how much power you can generate.

Landmine Squat with Side Step

Landmine Squat with a side step pairs a traditional Landmine move with a locomotive twist. As small as the side step may seem, it makes all the difference when loading the lateral line.

Closing Thought

exercise selection doesn’t have to be the same old thing all the time. It’s important to diversify your programming and more important add in components that involves Strength and Power Development. If you want to age with athleticism, do you have to prioritize these skills now.

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