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4 More Athletic Kettlebell Moves

For most people, athleticism should be one of the main focuses of a training program. I don't mean this in an NFL Combine training type of way. Our lives require us to move in many diverse patterns.

Some of these qualities include Rotation, Multi-planar movement, Power, and Coordination.

If you want to build up those qualities here is a list of 4 more athletic Kettlebell patterns to purposefully increase your capacity in those specific areas.

The Moves

KB Curtsy Step Out

Key Points
  • Curtsy Lunge forces weight transfer and balance transfer across midline

  • Planted foot is angled at 45 degrees to test both end ranges of hip rotation

  • Step out lands on an elevated surface to demand more power and open up hips

  • Start with a lighter weight and focus on coordination before progressing

Gunslinger Swings to Step

Key Points

  • Gunslinger Swing keeps arms at neutral for more stable shoulder

  • Swing is used to build power development in the Hip Hinge

  • Step Up through the Swing for Single side hip extension on planted foot and hip flexion at the up leg

  • KB Clean should feel like "zipping up a jacket". Don't swing up and around to clean the weight, pull it straight up and tight.

Rotational KB Swing

Key Points

  • Swing pattern is less vertical and more angled between 45-60 degrees

  • Power is generated from the back leg pivot and forward leg Hip internal rotation

  • Overhand grip with the back hand and underhand grip with the forward hand

  • Allow back elbow to bend at the back position of the Swing

Switch Stance Swings

Key Points

  • Stance manipulation is one of the most common movements we perform everyday

  • Single arm swing develops upper body rotation with stable lower body

  • Maintain head position with upper body for optimal pillar stability

  • Feel free to pause the kettlebell at the top of the switch to ensure great form on each swing.

Closing Thoughts

Diversifying your movement will help you more in the long term than sticking with the same basic 4 exercises you always do. Exploration is a key part of movement and this means to challenge the constructs of what we define as "okay". The foundational exercises should still be the backbone of your training program, however, the ancillary work should be more diverse than just single muscle emphasized exercises.

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