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Tell, Don't Sell

Selling is one of the most common reasons I hear coaches drift away from personal training. For most, they feel they need to have a slick, witty sales technique to make sure they can get their potential client to buy.

The major flaw in that mindset is that has a short-term result in mind at the expense of the long-term vision of working with this individual.

The best approach is a direct approach.

This doesn't mean to be harsh. This means if someone is coming to you for genuine advice it is your responsibility as a coach to tell them a genuine answer.

Seeing this more as a direct answer to a direct question is where coaches can get around the mindset of "Sales" and get back to helping people get involved with the right program and coach.

This is why I advise trainers to "Tell, Don't Sell"

Check out the 4 minute video below on how this works:

Want to manage your business as efficiently as possible?

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