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5 Most UNDERRATED Values of Squatting

We have all heard it before - Squatting is awesome. We can build some great aesthetics, muscle mass, and adaptable power to use in our day-to-day lives because of squats.

There are many aspects of the squat we don't talk about as much that trickle into our results.

This video is meant to flesh those 5 areas out and identify some of the more granular work that may become better by simply squatting.

This all comes down to:

1) Ankle/Hip Mobility - Mobility is a great byproduct of strength training. Particularly with squatting, this may be an avenue to clean up some restrictions that can be fixed.

2) Core Strength - Don't just assume core strength for frontside gains. Your posterior chain muscles which support the spinal column get some serious work through squatting.

3) Shoulder Stability - In almost all squatting options, shoulder stability gets more resilient. There are ways to amplify this more through different modalities but overall it's a big time add!

4) Breath/Air Control - Your ability to manage your intra-abdominal pressure can be a game changer for many of your lifts.

5) Foot Stability - How you grip the ground makes all the difference with squatting. You only get better at this stability by actively using your feet.

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