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Not All Abs Are Created Equal

Most people who venture into a training routine are looking for abs (not all, but most). Lets not venture down the road of "why" but that is what we generally see.

If people get to the level of having abs, sometimes, there is a level of disappointment for a few reasons:

1) How Hard It Was To Get There - If you aren't naturally leaner, adjusting your calories to get to ab-revealing levels can be challenging. The feeling of getting there doesn't always match the effort to get there

2) How The Abs Show - Different levels of muscle will dictate how visible your abs can be. This is a matter of strength training, no different than any other muscle.

3) The Shape - People can have anywhere from 4-12+ abs based on their genetics. This is the basis of the article today!

How Do Genetics Affect Abs

The Linea Alba runs down the center line and can be straight, angled, or many variations of that. Just like that, there are connective tissue lines that run perpendicular to the Linea Alba that "create" what we know as a 6 pack.

For this reason, there are all variations of abs!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for having 5 abs where you may see some people who have a 12 pack.

So What Do You Do About It?

1) Train Abs Like Other Muscles - Add tension, use resistance, and make it a priority.

2) Remove Bodyfat - Bodyfat is just going to cover all the hard work you have made there.

3) Stop Worrying About What You Can't Control - Your abs are your abs. Show them off no matter how many, how they are shaped, or how much they pop. Embrace your core!

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