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Scholarly Sunday - 1/9/22

2022 is going to be a different year for all of us. Hopefully, in a supportive and productive way instead of catastrophic mayhem as the world ended out in 2021. The last two years have been a challenging time for the Fitness industry. Without getting into the sticky details of closures and uncertainty in commercialized environments, we can focus on one thing for sure - adapting.

In order to do this I want to start a weekly segment called "Scholarly Sunday"

To keep this short and sweet, I am going to roundup in three categories:

  • Favorite Article over the last week

  • Favorite IG Post over the last week

  • Training Thoughts (Issues I came across during the week and how to troubleshoot them)

Time to walk away from the smoldering ashes of 2021 and make some progress in ourselves and our craft.

Favorite Article

An Evidence-Based Approach To Goal Setting And Behavior Change - Eric Trexler

Creating goals at this time of year happens at an alarming rate. Not alarming because of goals being made but goals being balled up and thrown in the trash. Eric breaks down some of the startling trends we see in resolution building along flexible ways to approach the topic with yourself and clients.

Courtesy of Stronger by Science

Favorite IG Post

Partial ROM and Muscle Hypertrophy: Not all ROM's lead to Rome

Dr. Brad Schoenfeld - @bradschoenfeldphd

Range of Motion is a particularly sensitive topic for a lot of coaches. Trust me, I understand the nuance in the conversation when you introduce joint limitations, previous injuries, contraindications, etc.

When possible, full range of motion is KING.

Training Thoughts

Goal Setting Realization - You can't want something for someone more than they want it for themselves

This is a hard pill to swallow. Most coaches are out there to change the world. That means seeing the best possible options and creating the best version of the person you are working with. That isn't reality.

Allow the person who is asking for your help to tell you the destination.

It's not your job to think it's the ideal destination, it's your job to help them there.

This doesn't mean if something has self-harming, reckless goals you are to support them. What this means is their "ideal" isn't yours. Once you can own that, you will be a better coach.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What feedback do you have on Scholarly Sunday?

Do you like it? Hate it? Hate me?

Let me know and share this with friends 💪

Nothing is stronger than an educated individual

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Train Limitless
Train Limitless
Jan 09, 2022

This is awesome. Find it really helpful and a great way to cut through BS, and get to the golden nuggets. Appreciate you!

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