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The Best Chest Exercise You Probably Aren't Doing

Chest development has really been isolated to just a handful of exercises:

  • Barbell Bench Press

  • DB Bench Press

  • Flyes

That essentially sums in up for most people. Push-Ups are on that list as well but when you go into a commercial gym, this is usually the routine.

The chest is more complex than just a handful of exercises and understanding the anatomy can make a big difference in your approach.

The Anatomy

Pectoralist Major has two heads to the muscle. The one we most commonly think of is the Sternocostal head, the thick lower head of the chest. The top of the chest, that builds up that T in your chest, is the Clavicular Head.

The clavicular head differs from the Stenocostal head in the action of Flexion of the arm. To optimally hit this portion of the chest you have to attack raising the arm not just across the body - but up.

Check out this video to find out the explanation and background on why the BEST exercise you probably aren't doing (but should be) is the Supinated Chest Press

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